At Optim we believe that collaboration strategies are an essential ingredient for success. All organisations need to have a strong collaboration strategy to compete in the fast-evolving digital economy. Our business collaboration initiatives are designed to address three core pillars encompassing CRM, Social Media Engineering and Chat Bot integrations. Collaboration is now a vital part of end user, channel and b2b partnership engagements. We enable next generation collaboration by moving organisations beyond incumbent unified communication tools to integrated intelligent collaboration services that improve and optimise engagements.

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Our strong management consulting practice assess and determines what technologies are needed for a strong digital transformation. Choosing the right digital tools and programs is mission critical to an organisations digital success. Selection criteria should factor in the utilisation of digital assets including websites, online resources, infrastructure and systems that make tasks easier to complete.

Given these unprecedented times organisations need to be present online. Our social engineering experience helps organizations set up KPIs that measure predictive and prescriptive analytics of social media related data. Our advanced digital strategies involve planning, developing and implementing a company’s overall social media strategy in order to support and improve online presence and the overall digital marketing efforts.

Understanding what the main goals of chatbot integrations are is a crucial step in journey mapping and workflow optimisation. We help businesses comprehend their current conversation work flow models as part of our chat bot journey mapping process. Our chatbot integrations incorporate seamless strategies that encompass workflows including onboarding, customer experiences and user service requests.

Social Engagement

Over 3.6 billion people use social media worldwide. Over 70% of Australia’s population are engaged in social media making it the leading advertising medium for businesses. Social media marketing strategies that enable customer engagements will continue to surge – engineering and automating customer engagements is highly sought after in all market segments.

Integrating Customer Data

Companies are increasingly using cloud based CRMs as the front line tool for customer engagement management. The CRM has quickly become the glue between sales and marketing and provides a central source of intelligent customer related data. Automation has seamlessly dovetailed into most CRM systems providing advanced businesses with the ability to systematically engage with their customers.

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